Mad March

Sunday 22 March 2015

Its been busy month for us since our website launch with fine tuning of a couple of its functions completed, the arrival of our latest fabric shipment, and last weekend spent at WOMAD Taranaki.

WOMAD has become an annual feature on our calender as a chance to chill-out with three days of world music, international foods and appreciative audiences. With WOMAD happening in our home patch we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the event as a 'stay-cation' but with essentially 30 music acts in 30 hours (over a 3 day attendance) it is still a pretty 'full on' weekend. For those of you that enjoy music and dance WOMAD is an event unlike any other and well worth doing at least once!

The past week saw the arrival of 25 rolls of fabric for us. This comprised of restocks of a number of fabrics that were getting low including 280g Stretch Fleece which we had all but sold out of. The shipment also sees the addition of a new fabric to our range, a 210g Stretch Jersey which is 95% bamboo viscose with 5% spandex, which has been added to our (now 18 fabric) sample pack. This fabric has beautiful lustre, drape and snug stretch, and is used to great effect in Bambu Dru's Women's Briefs. We are still awaiting confirmation of importation costs and will update prices (on new stocks) once we receive these.

The coming week will see us counting items for stocktake between processing orders. Our website launch promotion runs until the end of March for orders totaling $100 or more which will entitle you to a free pair of socks or Women's Low Rise Briefs. So remember to advise us what size and style of socks, or size and colour of briefs, you would like included with your order.

Right, we're off to count socks...

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