Wow. Our Shiny New Website !

Wednesday 25 February 2015

While our old website served us well we seemed to have outgrown it in recent times so we got the gang down at Smokeylemon to bolt this one together for us. Plenty of tinkering, adjusting and polishing going on just now but if you're reading this it means that 'mark 2' has been released from captivity, so welcome to our new and improved showroom, shop and socialising area. We're still learning to drive it so please excuse our initial speed wobbles surprise

The basics from before are still here but quite a few things have grown, and there's lots of new stuff. Please note though that your customer details from the old website haven't followed you here so new account info will need to be entered.

One of the biggest changes is that our checkout can now process international orders which will be so much easier than all those previous 'to and fro' emails and manual invoicing. And as you have discovered we now have a nifty blog that we plan on using to let you all know what is happening for us, special deals we have on offer from time to time, what our wholesale customers are up to, and snippets of handy information we think is worth sharing with you.

Our intention is for the communication to be two way though so feel welcome to Contact Us if you have a question, compliment, complaint or even just a suggestion. And if you find a bug lurking in our new website we'd appreciate your telling us about it.

So take a wander around, check out our opening specials and we look forward to helping you in looking after yourself and our planet.


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