Bambu Dru Taken To The Next Level

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Considering the various attributes of our bamboo based fabrics and garments it's not surprising that we are seeing a growing number of customers using these products as the raw materials for their own product lines. This ranges from the 1-2m repeat orders to modest home businesses, to 'by the roll' wholesale purchases destined for some very progressive enterprises.

As our customers are well aware bamboo viscose has few equals in terms of softness, absorbency and odour suppression. Add to this Bambu Dru's high quality,  beautiful draping qualities, minimal shrinkage rates, excellent dye uptake and a wide range of fabric types, and you have a recipe for a huge range of potential uses - from nappies to doggy wear to fashion clothing!

Bamboo fabrics' absorbency lends them to soaking up the spills in a range of applications. A variety of our fleeces find their way into cloth nappies made by both home businesses and thrifty Mums, while 'just down the road' from us here in Taranaki  Little Mint Boutique use our double loop terry on the business end of their Dribble Bibs and Teething Rings.







  A small contribution from us but for personal pampering Ubuntu's bamboo and hemp fleece

  face cloth complements their range of natural skin care products beautifully.



For intimate feminine use Moontime Aotearoa manufacture a range of funky Washable Pads that include use of bamboo fleece and a waste minimisation aspect that parallels our own ideals.


The softness of Bambu Dru fabrics is the perfect match for sensitive skins and so a favourite for babywear items. Iti Baby is not only one of our southern-most trade customers but they have also discovered one of the least appreciated fabrics in our range. The loft and breathability of our thermal fabric is a great choice for their bamboo swaddles.


      Another customer, another idea! Di Glucina recently screen printed our short  

   sleeved baby's onesies to promote her personal healing workshops and practice. 








Kalm Designs have product lines aimed towards new Mums and their littlies which includes the snuggly hooded towel below. Three labels on the go and their new website soon to launch. Worth keeping an eye on!





   And last but definitely not least is 'holi' with an innovative range of elegant and very comfortable Bambu Dru fabric  

   based women's garments. Very sharp looking in 'blanc' or 'noir' !


We feel privileged to be contributing to these and many other inspirational creations. Thank you all for your ongoing support of our Earth focussed enterprise smiley





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