FRESH - New Thinking About What We're Eating

FRESH - New Thinking About What We're Eating

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FRESH - New Thinking About What We're Eating

FRESH is more than a movie, it’s a gateway to action. The producers' aim is to help grow FRESH food, ideas, and become active participants in an exciting, vibrant, and fast-growing movement.

FRESH provides us with a way forward from the industrialised food production systems portrayed in FOOD INC.

FRESH profiles the farmers, thinkers, and business people who are at the forefront of re-inventing food production in America. With a strong commitment to sustainability, they are changing how farms are run, how the land is cared for, and how food is distributed. Their success demonstrates that a new paradigm based on sustainable practices can be profitable and a model for our food system, if people choose to support it. Inspirational and positive people promoting a sustainable future relevant not only in America but worldwide as industrialisation of our food production and distribution systems corrupts our environment, economies and health.

* Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley gives an insight into a very successful closed nutrient cycling system based on nature's own templates.

* Michael Pollan (In Defense of Food, The Omnivore’s Dilemma) provides commentary linking production to nutrition.

* Will Allen, a former pro basketball player teaches people in Kansas City's inner city the value of healthy food and how to grow their own in his 3 acre intensive 'urban farm'.

* David Ball's family-run supermarket and a once-thriving local farming community threatened with the rise of Walmart and other big chains has been reinvented and now by co-op'ing with local farmers locally-grown food is sold at affordable price, bringing the local economy back to life.

FRESH is a grassroots efforts for a grassroots movement. It is a platform to raise awareness and to connect people to the solutions available in their community. Harm Less Solutions purchase FRESH The Movie direct from the producers thereby contributing to FRESH's cause.

NZ rating: G - Running time 70 minutes - Region free format.

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