About Us

Harm Less Solutions Limited’s directors are Tony Daamen and Maggie Macnamara.

Tony’s background includes over 30 years in land surveying including involvement in recent years in the relatively new field of laser scanning based surveying. However in the mid 1990s Tony’s purchase and development of an avocado and citrus orchard in the Bay of Plenty resulted in his discovery of organic farming and the philosophies on which it is based. As the orchard attained Demeter organic certification Tony completed a Diploma in Horticulture so as to better understand the mechanics of soil and plant functions. This combination of formal horticultural science and organic principles has resulted in an in depth appreciation of the effectiveness of eco-friendly products and techniques.

Originally from Britain, Maggie has spent 25 years as a mother and small-holding farmer on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Canada. Raising livestock, crops and children in sometimes challenging environments has given Maggie a practical attitude towards life’s challenges. The attainment of a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition gives her a further perspective from which to understand the effects of diet, lifestyle and our environment on human health.

Tony and Maggie live on a 5 acre farmlet near New Plymouth together with a managerie of cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, cats and other assorted wildlife.